Imported Wines, beers, spirits, and classic Italian Cocktails. 

Any great meal is accompanied by a great drink. We believe in offering top quality but also great value, so you will find a selection of fully imported wines and beers showcasing what Italy has to offer from an everyday drop, to somthing extras special to celebrate with. 

Our Cocktail list includes the most famous Italian aperitivo,  the Aperol Spritz, perfect for a pre dinner drink. We have also added a twist on the hardest cocktail, the negroni. Barell ageing Four pillars gin, vermouth and Campari for up to 4 months, this softens the flavours and makes it a delight even for those not acustomed to the strength of the negroni.  


Enjoy a selection of beers and wines for just $6 and cocktails for $10 during our aperitivo hour from 5.30pm-7 pm daily