We understand not everyone can enjoy an unlimited amount of pizza and pasta. That’s why we offer those with genuine dietary requirements such as Gluten intolerance, or choose to eat a Vegan or dairy free diet the option to choose their own pizza from our menu. While this is not an unlimited menu, it is still excellent value at $24 per pizza.  And ofcourse you can also order some salads to accomany your pizza at an additional cost.

(GF) Our Gluten Free Pizza bases are  light crispy base, just like our regular pizzas.  90% of our pizzas are available Gluten free, just ask our staff when you dine with us to see our Gluten Free menu. While we use Gluten Free products our Pizzas may not be suitable for those who are medically Celiac, and obide by a very strict Celiac diet as our pizzas are cooked in the same oven as those with gluten,  and transfer may occur. Please infom us if this is the case.  ( GF pizzas are priced at $24 per pizza) 

(VG) Vegan diners, can enjoy any of our pizzas with Vegan Cheese or no cheese and meat. ( Pizzas with out cheese are priced at $20 per pizza, with vegan cheese $24 per pizza.  

(V) Vegetarians, are more than catered for in our regular roaming menu, just advise our staff when you start to dine with us and we will ensure you are more than looked after.  

(A) Allergies, can be accomdated whatever menu you choose, Please advise us prior if you make a booking or ensure we are aware on your arrival. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you are not served an allergen during your visit and while we will try our best its always best to check if unsure on what is in front of you. 

(DF) Dairy free , diners can be catered for by ordering any pizza made with either vegan cheese or no cheese, priced at $24. If you wish to try some of our dairy free pasta as it circulates just let us know.

If you are dining on one of our group menus, please note that the arancini are NOT Gluten free. 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer Gluten Free or vegan Pasta, Our Gluten free pizzas are cooked in the same oven as our regular pizzas, and thus can’t 100% ensure there are no traces of Gluten. If your allergy is very serious please ensure you ask our staff and inform them and we can go from there.