By making an online booking or phone booking you are agreeing to our booking terms and conditions. We appreciate your understanding and ask you to read these. 

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Our online bookings turn off 2 hours prior to the slot. please call the restaurant

Sometimes our online bookings platform may show full for your party size or preferred time slot. This is to ensure we do not over book and allow some room for walk-ins. we can override this so call us, or send an eNQUIRY online.  

Group Bookings:

If you are a large group our online platform may limit the time slots available. If your preferred time slot does not show, so please contact us through our group dining section, Where  you can provide your details and we will get back to you very soon if there is some flexibility with the booking time. Large groups are generally limited to a 5.30/6pm or 8.30 booking, however in the week there is some flexibility

By clicking Book Now, you agree to these terms below:  

Seating time:

Our $25 menu is limited to 90 minutes from the time of booking. We may re-book your table or seats after 1.75 hours hours from booking time. If you are running late please advise us so we can look at options. This is particularly important on Fridays and Saturdays and extra busy periods. Should you require more time, we suggest you choose one of our group menus or choose a later booking time of 8 pm as we do not have another seating following on from this.  

All menus are limited to a maximum seating time 2 hours.  If you are running late please advise us so we can look at options. This is particularly important on Fridays and Saturdays and in extra busy periods where we may well have the table re booked after your allotted time.  

Due to overwhelming demand of the restaurant, and limited seating capacity,  tables over 3 people may be limited to a 6pm or 8pm booking time. This is dependent on the night and if possible we will accept bookings either side of these times where possible.  

Large groups booked at 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays and during December, will have a seating time of 2 hours, on any menu.  We have limited availability especially for large groups over 10 people, and therefore offer limited seating times. These are  5.30pm and 6pm ( with and out by of 8pm)  and 8.15 pm. If you require extra time or a time outside of these please let us know and we can offer a menu suitable for your group, or advise of a time available. . If you wish to start at 5.30pm as you need to leave earlier, please let us know and we can also accommodate this. 

Large groups:

Large groups of 15 people or over are required to dine on one of our extended feating options ( $35/$45  We have very limited availability for large groups and suggest early booking to avoid disappointment.   Should you wish to enquire about dining on our $25 menu as a large group please contact us to discuss your options.  All bookings of  15 people and over in November and December, and certain other special dates,  are required to dine on one of our extended menus.  Where possible we try to seat large groups on one long table, however groups over 14 may need to be split over 2 or more tables dependent on other bookings and availability.  A 10% gratuity for the staff serving your table is added to the tables bill for all groups 12 people or over. Depending on other bookings and subject to availabiltiy, groups up to 14 may be sat on our communal table, around a corner, or on a table or tables, in our group space. Please ask if you wish to confirm. 

Splitting bills

Unfortunately we are unable to split bills.  We have teamed up with Groupee to offer a way to split bills which makes it quick and easy for all parties involved. If you plan to bring a big group in and know it can get a little difficult when it comes to pay, download the app, or ensure everyone brings cash with them on the night. For more info about Groupee, click here. 

Changes in number of diners for large groups. 

We appreciate that sometimes, especially in large groups, it is difficult to confirm exact numbers. Where possible we try not to take deposits for bookings (unless larger than 25 people where you will be informed of this if applicable) and ask for your co-operation in conjunction with our bookings system, to keep us updated with numbers as they change.  We dont want you to have to fork out a lump sum just to make a booking, so we ask you to work with us and keep us informed. We allow a 10% reduction in final numbers on the day (whether prior to arrival or at time of arrival) on all sized bookings from last confirmed numbers up to 48 hours prior, excluding those dining on our $45pp menu. There is no reduction allowed on this, as there is a large amount of preperation involved ( this menu price will be fully charged for any reductions from confirmed number at 48 hours prior)  Any large reductions in number of diners on the night or after 48 hours prior,  compared to the number booked for could result in the full menu price being charged for these no shows.  If we are unable to contact groups over 8 people, prior to the booking, once made online, we reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time.   

All bookings over ten,  in November and December require a non refundable deposit on cancelation. This is refundable on the day allowing for 10% reduction from date of booking. Please keep us updated with your numbers if and when they change.  Should your numbers reduce by more than 10% from date of booking,  either the deposit or number of diners the booking has been reduced by may be lost / charged. If you are unsure on your numbers, give us a call to discus this. 

As a small venue, even small changes in numbers can be the difference between accepting other reservations or not, so we appreciate your understanding of this. 

Preordered Desserts are to be confirmed at least 72 hours prior to the booking. As our tiramisu requires at least 48 hours to set, and is made just for the party which has ordered this, we are unable to offer a reduction on numbers on this service, and thus once your numbers have been confirmed up to 72 hours prior, this is what you will be charged for any pre ordered dessert for the full numbers, whether or not this is the seated number on the day. 

Cake / Cake fee:

We love hosting parties, and love cake ( so remember to save some for our awesome servers)  We do not charge a cake fee unless you require the use of plates and/or cutlery, where we will charge $2.5 per guest. We will provide napkins for your free of charge and plate your cake for you. We ask that, whether you require plates or not, you advise us if a cake will be being presented on the night, so we can ensure you are not rushed through dinner if your table has been re- booked after your allocated time. We also have limited fridge/freezer space and is sometimes difficult to access during service. If your cake will require refrigeration, or freezer space then please advise us 48 hours prior to ensure we can make room. 

Drinks packages: 

If you select one of our drinks packages, we ask for 48 hours notice of this to ensure we have enough stock in, This is particularly important for very large groups. Should you book in closer to the date and wish to select this, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.  Our drinks packages include our range of house wines, and prosecco and soft drinks plus beer.  The beer on the package may vary and we will advise you on the night what the selection for that day is. All other drinks are required to be purchased separately. The 2 hours drinks package is $39 pp and all on the table are required to do this. The drinks packages are to be consumed within the time limits and therefore we will call last drinks 15 minutes prior to the end of the allotted time.  Please note that the responsible service of alcohol will be maintained at all times. 


Should you wish to use our group dining space or any room for a private event or for exclusive use,  there may be a fee or minimum spend requirement. Just ask us, if this applies, and you will be advised of this when we confirm your booking. A 10% gratuity fee for the staff serving you is added to the bill for all private events. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL PRIVATE EVENTS. 

No shows / last minute cancelations/ running late for small bookings.  

We appreciate that plans change, you get stuck at work, or you  have one of those mates who wont take no for an answer. But please, if you make a booking and decide not to come, let us know. You can cancel a booking at any time via the link sent to your mobile, or by calling us.  By not turning up, it means other hungry diners may miss out and it means our tables sit empty. Even just 15 minutes before enables another person to book or walk in and use your table.  If you run more than 15 minutes late, your table/ seats may be reallocated, so just call us to let us know and we can move things around to make everyone happy! If you are are large group have paid a deposit and don’t turn up, then this will be lost. If something totally out of your control means you can no longer come, give us a call and we can look into individual cases as they happen. We expect large groups to turn up as per their booking. We try not to take deposits as we know how ticky this can be to collect payment prior to the day. However a last minute cancellations of a group of say 10 people could be the difference of us accepting another booking or not, and thus haveing empty seats. Large group generally book in advance, and even a day or twos notice fo this cancelation makes re booking this table tricky. We appreciate plans change, but if you are a large group and make a booking with us, we ask thats you do go ahead with the booking once made, or contact us if you are unsure of numbers. 


While we are kid friendly, our restaurant is not targeted towards the kids. We charge a flat $12.5 ( half price)  rate for children up to 9 years old and full price for any older. Those under 2 years old are not charged.  We have one high chair available, so please advise if you require this on the booking, and we will make a note of this. Unfortunately we can not guarantee the availability of this on the night.  We know how kids can be particular about what they like and don't like, and some may find our concept is not suited towards all children. We will do our best to accomodate those with many dislikes, but as our kitchen doesn't not work on an ala carte basis this can be hard in busy periods.  We ask that kids are allowed to enjoy food as they wish, but if they want to get up and go crazy, that they do so whilst respecting other diners.  


If a depsoit is required you will be advised of this. For exclusive events this is non refundable past one moth prior to the event. For all bookings in Decemeber these are non refundable from time of booking, allowing for a 10% reduction in numbers from the time of booking- subject to menu choices.  

Card Surcharges. 

Card payments are subject to card surcharges. Pay pass / tap and go does not have a card surcharge, however all payment amounts over $100 will be required to be either inserted or swipped as they require pin verification.  The card surchares varies from 0.5%( eftpos, debit)  to 1.5% ( credit / amex) dependent on the card. We have based  these on our typical banking costs to us over the past 12 months, as per the law, and they are not excessive. For more info on Card surcharges, please click here. 

Confirmation of large bookings

Tables of  8 people or more will be confirmed by an automated email from our booking system, and by a personal email before your booking is 100% confirmed by us. If in doubt feel free to call us to confirm or shoot us a message or chat online. 



To proceed to making a booking , agreeing to these terms please click below. 

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