Uber Eats is here!

I used to try to call a cab, now I just get an Uber. Give it a year and you won't be ordering "takeout" you will be getting some "Uber eats"

Uber has transformed the way we travel and now they are planning to dominate the food delivery industry. With their network of Uber drivers, Uber Eats joins our team of delivery partners to bring you the best food delivery service around. Foodora and Deliveroo are already doing a great job, and Uber is just another option for you. 

Why do we need another delivery partner? 

Uber have one of the largest delivery networks thanks to their Uber network and they also have some pretty hot software powering the logistics of delivery. Uber also has a hugely loyal base of riders who trust them to get them from A-B.  We know trust is super important and want to ensure our products are available to you through your favourite apps.

What is different about UberEats compared to our other partners?

The software means we see where our delivery guy is,  meaning we can plan to make the food in real time, rather than a rough time estimate which leads to fresher food leaving the kitchen just as it is made.   Just like an Uber ride, you can see where your delivery guy is, and when it leaves the restaurant, so you know what is going on. No more will you wonder if your dinner on the road, or still being made, or if the delivery guy is lost. You can keep your head fixed on finding that elusive Pikachu and wait for your phone to tell you when the food is at your door. Too Easy!

Rain. So the idea of bikes delivering food can sometimes speed up delivery ( and saves the planet) , but it can also mean when it's raining foodora and deliveroo struggle a bit. We know that and they know that. Uber does use cars, which means rain isn't such an issue and your food gets a comfier ride to you.  Yes, it does mean more cars on the road, but it is not adding any cars, just using its already established network of drivers so really it is just utilising an already moving car. 

We love being able to deliver our delicious food to your door through our delivery partners, and whichever partner you prefer, you have that choice to be able to use the one you trust in most. 

We continue to work with Foodora and Deliveroo. 

Now, download the app and EAT,  EAT, EAT!