Christmas is just 6 weeks away....

Christmas party season is nearly here!

We all know how fast the next 6 weeks will go!  

Drinks invitations every night of the week, catching up with old mates, and friends visiting for the festive season. Its can be super busy time of year for everyone.  So we are here to make it easy. Book in, turn up and the food will start to flow!

I'd like to introduce you to Kathy*, she is clever. Last year Kathy dined with us. Our concept makes organising xmas parties so easy. Just ask Kathy. She did the right thing. 

"There is  no complicated pre ordering of individual dishes, or on the day delays while my friend Mary cant make her mind up on if she does actually like Spicy Italian sausage.
Pizza Autentico makes it so easy,  Mary didn't like the aforementioned sausage, but she need not worry. Her husband John ate  her sausage, as did I .  I love a bit of spice in my life. Mary just had to wait a few minutes before her favourite ricotta and spinach pizza came along, and she was in heaven. John isn't a fan of veggies, so he just passed and let Mary go crazy. He was content to devour as much Italian sausage as he can get his hands on, anyway another round of pizzas was already on its way.   I,  on the other hand,  was taking a break from the pizza,  and had a mouth full of bresaola off the antipasto plate! Well it is christmas after-all! 
What I'm saying is that Mary, John  and the whole team  had a great christmas party because everything was so easy. We even selected one of their drinks packages, and for just $49 we drank ( responsibly) for three hours. I didn't even have to weigh up if I wanted a Prosecco or a red, I always hold up the queue at the bar, and frankly John and Mary are sick of it.
I  had both...and that is where this story stops....  "
Thanks for everything- Kathy x

If you want to be like either Mary, John or Kathy then you NEED to book your christmas party with us.  

We have some amazing options depending on the size of your party, just click here and here to check them out. and if you need a private space (because we all know a Kathy) then check out our private dining options here.

Got a question?  Just send us a message!


Ciao x

ps... *Kathy, John and Mary are fictional Characters, just created to show how great our group dining is at this time of year. But they are based on people we all know.