Get carb-loading for the Sydney Half Marathon this Sunday!

Sunday 21st May is the Sydney Half Marathon presented by The Sydney Morning Herald. Another great event in this wonderfull city! 

It’s been  medically proven that carbloading before a long distance race can basically make you a winner.  This means you should visit us at least once this week in the run up to the big race. Your trainer will love you for it, trust us! 

But seriously, while carbloading can help in the weeks leading up to a long distance race, we are just having a bit of fun. Ofcourse eating a tonne on pizza and pasta all the time isn't going to do much to help your training but like anything, in moderation, it can actually help you build up your energy reserves for slow release energy on the big day! And if you’re not running, then there is always a place for pizza and pasta in your life, any day of the week!  

Sydney Half marathon is a great race which goes through the heart of the city, fingers crossed for a beautiful day on Sunday! If you are visiting Sydney, and want to watch it there are some great vantage points around the City, from the botanical gardens, to the rocks and around the newly developed Barangaroo area. Cheer on the runners, and explore this great city! It also raises a huge amount of money for charities, so if you know any one who is running, throw them a few $$ to their nominated Charities! 

We are open every day from 6pm during the week,  and 5.30pm Friday-Sunday. So get to the gym, and then carry on the training with us :)