Negroni Week 2017: June 5-11

If you are not aware of the Negroni, where have you been!? 

It’s an Italian classic and one of the fastest growing cocktails in Australia in the past few years. Go to a top end cocktail bar or a local Italian joint and they will be pumping out some pretty tasty Negronis. They are a bitter, bold, smooth and a pretty hard drink with the bit of a punch. Yes it’s an aquired taste, but delicious!  

However popular these drinks are getting, it’s surpising how many people dont know about the drink, here you go, check out the video below and scoll down for more info on Negroni Week. 

In celebration of this great drink, every year Imbibe magazine and Campari present Negroni Week. June 5th- 11th we will be offering our Barrel-aged Negroni, and alternatives to help spread the word of this great drink and raise some $$ for a great cause.  The barrel ageing of the negroni makes it a little smoother and bring all the characteristics together from the classic negroni. 

We have already donated to Ozharvest and the more we sell in this period the more we will donate. $2 from every additional drink will be sent to help support Ozharvest at the end of the week. 

Like our Street Smart campaign which we run every December,  and raises hundreds of dollars, we are asking you guys to come in and support these great causes which really go to help the grass roots issues in Australia. 

Ozharvest collect otherwise wasted food from Australians and distribute it to those in need. You may have read about their recent

Drink up, it’s for a great cause, and if it’s your first Negroni, make it a great one. Even if you don't like it, at least your purchase will help out those in need.