Don’t have an embarrassing Christmas party… in more ways than one…

Where did November go? Oh wait, where did 2017 go? 

What we are getting at, is that it is already nearly that time of year where you are (or were months ago, but may have forgotten)  tasked with the organisation of that party where you are “allowed” to drink and make a fool of yourself with your work mates, and face absolutely no repercussions….well that is what it was meant to be like. Remember 2016??… oh wow, that got out of hand! 

So get planning! You dont have long left!

Its got to be the right place, and its gotta feed you! Whoever lived off a few pieces of salmon or a couple of oysters! A girl’s gotta eat!! We dont want you to fall head over heals with Geoff from accounting again, or have an embarrassing moment with that intern who keeps photocopying money hoping it may make up for his lack of real wage.  We are all about making Christmas parties memorable, for the right reasons… though I’m sure geoff is a great guy, just you know…  and hey, we were all young once! 

So… this year, dont book one of those pricey places that promises the world and delivers on nothing, other than too many champagne memories, an empty wallet and a maccas run at 12am.  Make sure the team is fed properly, with the unimagional match of quality and quantity!  ( it does exist) 

Dine on one of our all you can eat Italian festing menus from just $29pp, add our unlimited $39 pp drinks package and you are onto a winner!   Stay classy with Fully imported Italian beers, wines and prosecco, to match our delicious antipasto, arancini, salads, pizza and pasta and finish with a tiramisu to share that Nonna would be proud of.  Not only will you avoid “that” one who danced way too long on their own on the dance floor,   but you will also keep the budget in line and thus pretty much give you a pay rise next year! Winning. 

We still have some availability, but its filling up fast. Lunch or dinner 7 days a week for all of December for large group are available. Check out the options and shoot us a message here. 


From small groups, to exclusive use up to 55 people, the choice is yours! 

So thats that. Book now, or forever be avoiding Geoff.