Yes... we do now split the bill for groups πŸŽ‰

We know this is one of the biggest questions you all ask... Can we split the bill?

Well, until now we have been pretty strict at saying no. Why? Well it's complicated... But the most exciting thing is that this is about to change, thanks to groupee. There are loads of reasons why we, and so many other restaurants have been saying no splitting he bills in the past, but that's about to change!

So we know its frustrating when 25 of you finish, no one has cash and you need to either run to the nearest ATM or transfer to your mate while he puts it on his card.  You should be heading to another bar and not dealing with this!

So why cant we, and why do we do this to you? 

We can only talk from our oint of veiw, but this is a sydney wide issue. No on lets you split bills, and it does suck, but its gonna be better, we promise 

We offer exceptional value in our offering, and with that means that we dont have a door person standing at the door with little else to do but welcome guests and print bills. and thus it is our waitsaff who run bills, and take payments. Its just not possible to take them away from serving tables for such a long time to split a bill a million times ( 😑) Each card transaction takes up to 1 minute, not even allowing for people unsure of the account, or getting the pin wrong, or not having money in the account and needing to transfer. Multiply this for 25 and thats nearly half and hour to process 1 bill. We seat 75 people, in one siting. So you see where im going. 

But... this is the past, let us focus on the future. This is the exciting bit.  

Did you know there is an app out there which lets you and your mates not only split the bills, but take payments effortlessley and deals direct with the restaurant meaning if you all use groupee no transaction takes place and it can take just one minute for 25 people to split the bill. .  Means you guys can work it all out once you have your bill, get the staff to simply sign off the transaction with one simple code and you are one your way!

We love the idea of groupee and you can use it to pay your  way whether you are a couple of mates or a party of 48! It's another way to make Sydney dining even more accessible.