Carb-Load before the City2Surf 2016!

Who's running in this year's city to surf?

Not me...

But look, loads of you are, and we were recently doing a bit of research into what makes a winner when it comes to long distance running. We did skim read a little, but we came to the understanding that all the experts we asked (Googled)  basically said that eating a tonne of pizza and pasta the night before is the only way to win. The reason for this, put in a very, very simple way, is that eating loads of carbs creates slow release energy, which is great for marathon-like runs. This is known as carb loading. ie. filling your belly with as much pizza and pasta as you can.  

So, you know what to do! Book in, and ensure you don't miss out on this final and most important part of your training regime! 

Not too sure on this scientific research, and would rather not eat so much the night before you have to rise stupidly early and run through the city??  OK, just book in for the evening after the race. You will have deserved an absolute feast! 

Good luck, and remember...this is scientific research ( kinda)