Vivid Sydney is nearly here!

From May 25th- June 18th 2018 Sydney lights up with the annual spectacular that is Vivid Sydney.  

A 23-day festival of light, music and ideas,  Vivid Sydney features many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a cutting-edge contemporary music program.

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect.

If you are visiting Sydney, make sure you check out this incredible event and discover how amazing Sydney really is.  

We are open from 5.30pm Friday - Sunday and 6pm Tuesday - Thursday, for a pre-vivid dinner to give you the energy to last the whole evening.  You can book here. 

Here’s a video of a past Vivid Syndey to give you a taster. 

Diner plans during Vivid Sydney?

Vivid Sydney is nearly here! 



Celebrating TEN years of the greatest festival of light, music and ideas,  Vivid Sydney features many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a cutting-edge contemporary music program.

Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect.

If you are visiting Sydney, make sure you check out this incredible event and discover how amazing Sydney really is.  

We are open from 5.30pm Monday- Sunday for a pre-vivid dinner to give you the energy to last the whole evening.  You can book here. 


Don’t have an embarrassing Christmas party… in more ways than one…

Where did November go? Oh wait, where did 2017 go? 

What we are getting at, is that it is already nearly that time of year where you are (or were months ago, but may have forgotten)  tasked with the organisation of that party where you are “allowed” to drink and make a fool of yourself with your work mates, and face absolutely no repercussions….well that is what it was meant to be like. Remember 2016??… oh wow, that got out of hand! 

So get planning! You dont have long left!

Its got to be the right place, and its gotta feed you! Whoever lived off a few pieces of salmon or a couple of oysters! A girl’s gotta eat!! We dont want you to fall head over heals with Geoff from accounting again, or have an embarrassing moment with that intern who keeps photocopying money hoping it may make up for his lack of real wage.  We are all about making Christmas parties memorable, for the right reasons… though I’m sure geoff is a great guy, just you know…  and hey, we were all young once! 

So… this year, dont book one of those pricey places that promises the world and delivers on nothing, other than too many champagne memories, an empty wallet and a maccas run at 12am.  Make sure the team is fed properly, with the unimagional match of quality and quantity!  ( it does exist) 

Dine on one of our all you can eat Italian festing menus from just $29pp, add our unlimited $39 pp drinks package and you are onto a winner!   Stay classy with Fully imported Italian beers, wines and prosecco, to match our delicious antipasto, arancini, salads, pizza and pasta and finish with a tiramisu to share that Nonna would be proud of.  Not only will you avoid “that” one who danced way too long on their own on the dance floor,   but you will also keep the budget in line and thus pretty much give you a pay rise next year! Winning. 

We still have some availability, but its filling up fast. Lunch or dinner 7 days a week for all of December for large group are available. Check out the options and shoot us a message here. 


From small groups, to exclusive use up to 55 people, the choice is yours! 

So thats that. Book now, or forever be avoiding Geoff. 



Offering the best value meal in Sydney’s East.

WOW…It’s been 3.5 years since we launched into the Sydney dining Scene, with a new and innovative concept: $20 for unlimited pizza and pasta; every day. Offering undoubtedly the best value meal in Sydney’s East.  Our aim was to do the unthinkable in Sydney  - match quality with quantity, and we think we have done a pretty good job at it so far.

Over these past three years and a half we have welcomed nearly 100,000 happy diners, and cant wait to continue this into the future. We have expanded our menus for larger group and these have been welcomed with open arms, for those wanting larger menus with entrees and deserts for a family get together, birthday or christmas party, not only can you enjoy a great value everyday dinner, but enjoy a special occasion with special people. Our communal table offering has really been welcomed by locals and international visitors. Sitting in the top 150 restaurants in Sydney out of over 4500 on Tripadvisor, visitors to Sydney love discovering a unique offering while helping their pounds, euros or dollars go a little further. Locals have enjoyed an inexpensive, yet great quality dinner, and local workers have made Pizza Autentico their go-to office lunch on a Friday.  Be it the day before the City to Surf race, a casual catch up with mates or those wanting to discover something new.  Its affordable and simple,  and we plan to keep it that way!

Unfortunately, over the past couple of years costs associated with running businesses have been increasing. Our food costs, energy prices, wage costs, and increased legislation, have all put pressure on our operation. 

With this in mind, in order to our continue to offer quality food and service, in an inner city location, we have had to take the decision to raise our everyday unlimited pizza and pasta menu to $25pp, as of Wednesday, September 13th. 

This price increase will enable us to ensure we continue to offer the best quality produce on our pizza and pasta, ensure our service is up to that you have come to expect and ensure our prices can stay steady for the foreseeable future.

We trust you understand, and we look forward to welcoming you again soon

We have already added more amazing pizzas for your enjoyment, so keep an eye out for these next time you dine with us. Our group menus stay the same starting at just $29pp which include arancini and salads, plus our pizza and pasta. 

We feel our offering is still doing what we set out to achieve: making Sydney dining affordable again without reducing the quality of food and service. 

We trust you understand the reasons for this price increase, and we look forward to your continued custom. 

From the whole team at Pizza Autentico - Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Melbourne Cup 2017 : Book before end of SEPT and save 10%

Looking for a great value and delicious way to spend this years Melbourne Cup? We have it all sorted. Enjoy and 3 course Shared Italian Feast including Dessert for under $50pp! Plus book before the end of  September 2017 and enjoy an extra 10% off menu prices.  

We also have all inclusive options including food plus drinks package and a cocktail on arrival for just $91 pp.  Alternatively you can just order drinks as you go on the table from our all Italian drinks list. 

We will have multiple Screens showing the race, plus sweepstakes and best dressed Prizes! It's the perfect excuse to get dressed up! 

Our upstairs space can be booked for tables from  8-48 people ( with exclusive use available for a required minimum spend) and our huge concrete slab table downstairs can also be booked privately for up to 25 people, with your own private screen and all incluive food and beverage package. 

 You can click the button below to see the full details and make an enquiry. 

Negroni Week 2017: June 5-11

If you are not aware of the Negroni, where have you been!? 

It’s an Italian classic and one of the fastest growing cocktails in Australia in the past few years. Go to a top end cocktail bar or a local Italian joint and they will be pumping out some pretty tasty Negronis. They are a bitter, bold, smooth and a pretty hard drink with the bit of a punch. Yes it’s an aquired taste, but delicious!  

However popular these drinks are getting, it’s surpising how many people dont know about the drink, here you go, check out the video below and scoll down for more info on Negroni Week. 

In celebration of this great drink, every year Imbibe magazine and Campari present Negroni Week. June 5th- 11th we will be offering our Barrel-aged Negroni, and alternatives to help spread the word of this great drink and raise some $$ for a great cause.  The barrel ageing of the negroni makes it a little smoother and bring all the characteristics together from the classic negroni. 

We have already donated to Ozharvest and the more we sell in this period the more we will donate. $2 from every additional drink will be sent to help support Ozharvest at the end of the week. 

Like our Street Smart campaign which we run every December,  and raises hundreds of dollars, we are asking you guys to come in and support these great causes which really go to help the grass roots issues in Australia. 

Ozharvest collect otherwise wasted food from Australians and distribute it to those in need. You may have read about their recent

Drink up, it’s for a great cause, and if it’s your first Negroni, make it a great one. Even if you don't like it, at least your purchase will help out those in need. 


Get carb-loading for the Sydney Half Marathon this Sunday!

Sunday 21st May is the Sydney Half Marathon presented by The Sydney Morning Herald. Another great event in this wonderfull city! 

It’s been  medically proven that carbloading before a long distance race can basically make you a winner.  This means you should visit us at least once this week in the run up to the big race. Your trainer will love you for it, trust us! 

But seriously, while carbloading can help in the weeks leading up to a long distance race, we are just having a bit of fun. Ofcourse eating a tonne on pizza and pasta all the time isn't going to do much to help your training but like anything, in moderation, it can actually help you build up your energy reserves for slow release energy on the big day! And if you’re not running, then there is always a place for pizza and pasta in your life, any day of the week!  

Sydney Half marathon is a great race which goes through the heart of the city, fingers crossed for a beautiful day on Sunday! If you are visiting Sydney, and want to watch it there are some great vantage points around the City, from the botanical gardens, to the rocks and around the newly developed Barangaroo area. Cheer on the runners, and explore this great city! It also raises a huge amount of money for charities, so if you know any one who is running, throw them a few $$ to their nominated Charities! 

We are open every day from 6pm during the week,  and 5.30pm Friday-Sunday. So get to the gym, and then carry on the training with us :) 



Looking for the perfect long lunch to celebrate something special?

We LOVE hosting parties, in fact with a whole floor dedicated to groups we are well practiced at looking after the needs of big groups. You guys can be pretty crazy at times, but we love celebrating with you! (just keep some cake for us!)   With our no-need to order concept,  it’s super easy for all involved. You can even spit the bill when you sign up to a brand new bill splitting app called groupee. Check it out next time you dine with us.  

We have designed a number of sharing menus for larger groups from simple pizza and pasta, to extended three course feasts including our “to-die-for” tiramisu, as well as additional sides, salads and much more, plus you can now add drinks packages so you know how much you will spend, however merry  you get! ( glug, glug, glug … all within RSA of course)

Talking of drinks, our great drinks list has everything from wines by the glass and bottle, beers, sharing cocktail jugs and of course delicious softs drinks for those more responsible, all at very reasonable prices. For those that love a few drinks and plan to celebrate, for just $35 pp you can also include a 2 hours drinks package which includes selected beers, wines and prosecco. 

So weather you are a group of 8 or 48 we have a space just for you, check out our full group options and if you are looking for an incredible private space,  read on….


Did you also know that our incredible communal dining table can be booked privately for big groups on weekend lunches. It is the perfect space for a family style long lunch, where food and wine flows as easily as the conversation , and with space for up to 28 people, there is more than enough room for you closest friends to enjoy a special occasion with you in a private setting.  

We have designed all inclusive food and beverage packages which are great value, starting at just $89 pp meaning you need not make any decisions. You will be served a delicious variety of Italian antipasti, salads, arancini and pizza and pasta until you are fully satisfied. All washed down with Italian beers and wine. 

Check our full options for private dining and drop us a line so we can dicuss your individual needs. 


 Our huge communal dining table located on the ground floor is perfect for a private lunch

Our huge communal dining table located on the ground floor is perfect for a private lunch